Air Source Heat Pump

Energy efficient heating from Mitsubishi Ecodan

Co-efficiency 300%.     3KW of heat for every 1KW of electricity.     Near silent operation.     Heating & Hot Water.

What Is An Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps are an extremely efficient heat exchange system, they use the same technology as your fridge. In the case of a heat pump this technology runs in reverse, they use the air outside your home to heat water and heat your home.

This energy efficient technology operates at all temperatures even as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. They are powered by electricity in a very clever way using up to 75% renewable energy and only 25% electricity producing an impressive 3 kilowatts of heat for every 1 kilowatt of electricity consumed. 

Co-efficiency 300%.     3KW of heat for every 1KW of electricity.     Near silent operation.     Heating & Hot Water.

Mitsubishi Electrics Ecodan Heat Source Pump

Govrnment Grants Available Up To £5,000.00 Towards

Energy Efficiency

The Green Homes Grant scheme will help homeowners in England make sustainable energy saving measures to their homes with a generous two thirds contribution from government.

The energy saving measures include Air Source Heat Pumps as an energy efficient source of heating.
This means that there is a hefty up-front contribution for homes in England to install energy efficient heating.

To add to the good news successful applicants will still be able to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive and will receive their quarterly payments minus the contribution form the Green Homes Grant. 

The maximum contribution will be £5,000, or for those on lower incomes, a grant up to £10,000 will be available.

Enegy efficient heating for your home

Renewable Energy

There are more than 27 million homes in Britain, each one use energy all day every day.

Nearly three quarters of that energy is used for space and water heating, as a country we spend 13.5 billion pounds a year on heating our homes, that's a huge amount of energy, but with the rising cost of fossil fuels like oil and gas, it's no wonder millions of families are looking to reduce their heating and hot water bills.

More worryingly rising fuel bills are pushing some households into fuel poverty, the technologies we have used for years also produce too much carbon dioxide which is something the UK government want to change.

To help the UK meet its climate change targets, we simply can't keep using oil and gas indefinitely, we have to switch to clean renewable energy sources and the sooner the better.

In the mean time as these clean energy technologies develop people need more than ever to reduce the amount of energy that they use for heating, lighting, hot water and appliances.

Now the good news is there's proven technology already been used in thousands of properties throughout the UK it's a renewable super efficient and affordable solution, but it's one that you might not have heard of.

It's called an air source heat pump, we recommend the latest "Ecodan" design from Mitsubishi Electric. 

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Had one of these installed 9 years ago and it has been faultless for the whole 9 years and still going strong. My total electricity bill costs are about £90 a month (2019) for a family of 4 in a three bed detatched house Triple glazed 12 inches loft insulation. I estimate less than half that is on space heating and hot water.....probably about £35-40 per month. P Newby

Mitsubishi Ecodan Client